Monday, May 31, 2010

A Little Help From My Friends

I have recently put the word out with my tea-loving friends that I need tea bags and they have been flowing in! What a wonderful variety of herbal, black and green I've received! I'm finally accumulating enough to begin work soon on a large piece...I will need hundreds of bags, I think, to make this work. So at the moment a lot of time is going into "preping" the bags so they are empty, flat, and ready to use. A little patience is required here, but I do find it relaxing to focus on such a simple task. Here my work table is filled with tea bags in various stages:

Meanwhile, I've been experimenting with collaging tea tags onto small square canvases. Even with the canvases only 6" x 6" it requires a lot of tags to complete a piece. Here again, the contributions of friends is a life saver!

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