Thursday, September 2, 2010


It was very satisfying to stitch the final piece into the quilt this week. I can't quite believe it's finished after working with it for so many weeks, but it is complete and somehow it feels "right". I believe that part of its appeal for me is in the imperfections, the pieces that aren't quite aligned correctly. As I was sewing it I often had to decide whether to "fix" what didn't seem right or to allow it to exist......I guess the piece is a metaphor for that balancing process in my life of striving for perfection and letting go into acceptance.

So on to another experiment in this series of seemingly unending experimentation. I have set up my sewing machine in the studio and cleared out a corner to begin some new work. This time it is machine sewing a garment, probably a vest (since it is simple and straightforward and would really "showcase" the tea bags.) More to follow.

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