Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Practice Canvas

I've been working on an oil painting for the past couple of weeks. Since oil is an unfamiliar medium for me (I am used to pen, pencil, watercolor, guache... illustrator mediums) I am going slowly. I've begun a second canvas I call my Practice Painting, where I am simply practicing a grisaille (grey tones) technique while paint on my main canvas dries. In some ways, I like the practice canvas better than the main one. Ha.

I began by using tones of sepia to sketch out various leaves on a light blue canvas.

I then added some blossoms in neutral grays.

Then I experimented with using burnt sienna as my neutral but I didn't like it as much as plain gray.

Now I've begun to practice different flower shapes and play with shading.

Here is the evolution of the practice painting so far:

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