Sunday, June 5, 2011

Tea bag gown

After a busy week with visitors I was very happy to have more time to work in the studio. I decided to try to make a gown out of (yes.....) tea bags. I found a pattern that gave me the basic shape and I extended it to make it floor-length. After sewing the dress together in white muslin I began gluing on torn tea bags with a great (new to me) glue called Fabri-Tac.

As I worked my way up from the bottom it became necessary to create a sort of mannequin out of an easel, bubble wrap and masking tape that would keep the shape of the dress while I glued the layers on. Here's how it looked a couple of days ago (I am closer to finishing it now):

Initially it was to have straps and be displayed on a hanger, but I am liking the strapless version. It means I'll have to create some sort of mannequin to display it, maybe from an old discarded floor lamp or tripod......all part of the challenge that keeps me engaged.

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