Friday, January 13, 2012

Back to work.....

It’s been a long time since I last posted. I closed up my studio, celebrated an early Christmas with family, flew to Syndey, and finally got settled here. My studio here desperately needed a good cleaning and that led to a major reorganization. So at last I am comfortably working away with the sun shining outside, the windows wide open to the warmth and breezes (the only problem being flying tea bags).

Time to experiment, work with some new ideas, but for now at least, still the tea theme. I’ve been putting materials together with some new thoughts......

I’ve also experimented with using text. Here I made some stamps of T E A and printed them on the tea bags, then assembled. I’m not sure where this will go.

Another try.....working on paper with grids.

I’m quickly working through the materials I brought so will have to do some local sourcing. There are plenty of tea drinkers here, but not so many friends.

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