Thursday, March 31, 2011

Turquois Duo, session 12

In this session I added more depth and color to the large purple flowers in painting #1. In the first picture you see what I ended with. In the second picture you see midway through the session.

I also began adding depth and dimension to the leaves in painting #2.

The second painting is at that boring stage when nothing looks good and there is a lot of "invisible" work to do. At this stage sometimes at the end of a session it doesn't seem like much was accomplished. It all adds up in the end, however.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Finished "Poinsettia and Berry"

This morning I finished hand coloring the latest in the floral print series and here it is....

"Poinsettia and Berry"
hand colored linoleum print - 9" x 12"

I may go in and darken the background a bit more, but basically I am pleased with the finished product....

Carpe Diem Print

One of the paintings I've recently made into a print is "Carpe Diem." It is one of my favorites. This was done back in my colored pencil days. The symbolism is different than what is normally depicted for Carpe Diem.

The Reaper isn't grim. She is a child, symbolic of purity and new beginnings. Time clicks in the background. Her totem is an owl, symbol of wisdom and swift, silent death. An open sky and landscape suggests the vastness of the world and its possibilities. She holds her robe open as an invitation to enter. Inside, instead of flesh, she is filled with open sky and hummingbirds, emblematic of eternity. Her face is lit from the light inside her robe.

The message is multifold: Live now. Seize this day, for Eternity beckons you. Find eternity within yourself now and forever. That which is Eternal in you is here today. Now is the time to embrace it.

This archival print is for sale in my Etsy Shop HERE.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Another printing plate....

I've been working on "Poinsettia and Berry" and thought I would document what happens when the initial print isn't what one hopes it might be.  Here is the first artist proof:

"Poinsettia and Berry"
linoleum print - 9" x 12" - artist proof

It looks pretty good and I wanted some black areas--maybe even more than show here.  But I hated to lose the red of the leaves to solid black.  I decided I could always darken them when I hand color the print.  I did some more cutting and this is the result....

Poinsettia and Berry
9" x 12" - linoleum print 

I may have given up some graphic strength in service to texture and color, but I like it.  We'll see how it works....

Monday, March 14, 2011

Turquois Duo, session 10

I've been working on a pair of 24"x30" oil paintings for the past month and making v e r y s l o w progress. Lately, though, one of them is beginning to take shape enough for me to feel hopeful.

This is my tenth session working on it. I've begun to bring in more fantasy elements, such as the leaves in the two bottom corners. (I don't aim to paint accurate botanical illustrations, only to render fanciful flora based on actual plants.)

I've also added the daisy-like flowers at the top, the beginning of a couple of buds, and more definition in the other flowers.

I've decided on the design of the two large flowers (shown sketched in white.) I've also worked out the path of the ribbon (not shown) by printing out a photo of the painting and sketching on top of it.

At last. Some progress.

For more updates on my daily work, you can check out my personal art blog HERE.

Tea Text

It has been an interesting addition to begin to use text in the tea work. I made a small book with tea quotes in it....its cover is a lovely little tea tin that Susan gave me (filled with almonds!) just before we left Woodstock. I knew it would find another life!

A quote from William Gladstone seems to sum up my feelings so well!

Monday, March 7, 2011

The New Studio

I am finally back to making art after our move and my new studio here at home is wonderfully convenient!

The computer is handy for blogging, referencing images, etc.  And it's a dream to have lots of storage space for materials.  There's room to breath here and a nice view of the south field through the trees.  

Of course, today the view is of yet more snow (and the window screen is showing!) but I'm looking forward to a greener vista in a little while with spring only thirteen days away.... 

This afternoon I am working on designing my next prints in the flower series.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Green Bag

The "green" tea bag is finished.....not exactly practical but here it is....

I've been working the past week on book making, inspired by my friend Lisa, who has offered to teach me many binding techniques. And the idea of using text with my tea bags has wondered into the imagination. Lots of experimenting going on and I feel energized to look at the work with a new approach.