Sunday, May 17, 2009

Influences on my Art

What a privilege to live and work in Vermont! I’ve recently moved up here after being a part-timer for ten years and it feels so wonderful. I’m inspired by the beauty and by my artist friends who are a great source of energy, support and ideas.

As a mixed media painter and someone who loves to mess with found objects, I’m much influenced by my surroundings. One very fortunate part of being married to an Australian is that we live in Sydney for about four months every year. That landscape and environment is so different from Vermont …..I find it’s colors, textures, and traditions also making their way into my work. This textured piece incorporates the reds found in the Australian bush as well as some Aboriginal painting influences.

I look forward to posting musings about making art, artists that I love, and what makes art such an integral part of my life!

(To see more of my Australia paintings, click here.)
-Barbara Bartlett

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