Monday, May 25, 2009

Ladybugs or Canvas

Every spring my studio seems to call out for a thorough cleaning. Time to sweep up the ladybug carcasses that litter the windowsills, mop up the dusty floor, throw away the dried up tubes of paint, and put everything into a reasonable order. I haven't done it yet, and each time I walk into the space I am a bit torn between wanting things to be tidy and really needing to paint.

This year I've had more distractions following my return from Sydney than usual and I really haven't struck the comfortable pace of working most every day. And I seem especially good at finding projects like planting a new perennial garden or digging up dandelions that keep me from working in the studio. But this is an old story, one that I believe many artists face from time to time. It can be really difficult to get back to work after a break, and can be guilt inducing and frustrating.

But I'm slowly making some inroads and that feels good. Happily I decided to pack a big box with 35 small canvases that I'd started working on in Sydney and to check them in on the plane with my duffel. It was worth the effort as these have become my transition pieces to bridge the gap between the two locations. My work table is now filled with canvases that require layer upon layer of paint, then scratching and sanding, to hopefully achieve surfaces rich in color and

texture. I'm not quite sure now this multi-panel piece will hang in the end, but I'm sure it will reveal itself when it is closer to completion. And although it's contributing to the mess in my studio I am very pleased to have a direction to follow.

So let the cobwebs continue to form and mud and grass clippings litter the floor. Maybe sometime this summer I'll find the right moment to clean.

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