Monday, August 3, 2009

Hanging out

Today Chris and I hung my show titled Intersections at Umpleby's Bakery Cafe in Hanover. The area was equipped with rods and hooks which made hanging easy although it was hard to get the pieces to sit flat against the wall. Oh looks pretty good anyway.

It is such a delight to get to see my work exhibited in a public space, as I imagine it is for most artists. For so long it hangs out in the studio, longing for a little good light and attention. I'm happy to think that hundreds of coffee, sandwich and sweets buyers will view the work and perhaps feel some emotion because of their experience. Of course I will never know (unless someone likes a piece so much they decide to buy it!).

I'm planning a reception on August 23 and hope that friends will be interested in seeing what I've been up to recently.

Barbara Bartlett

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