Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The End of Summer

Yesterday morning, Sandy and I went out to paint pastures and mountains. It was an iffy kind of day--54 degrees. And even though we were wearing fleece and working hard, the clouds and wind made for a chilly morning. So, we had to hop in the car every now and then to warm up. However, when the sun finally came out to shine on the bright trees it was a spectacle to behold and the attempt to capture it all was both challenging and worthwhile.

But summer is over. Those chances to get out and paint in comfortable weather are coming to an end. Much as I love snowscapes there probably isn't one in my future unless I can figure out how to paint it from photos!

So, I was looking back at the plein air paintings I did in the last couple of months and this one really took me back to the feel of summer.

August Garden, Brookfield, Vermont

Just as I finished cleaning up and putting things away at the end of the morning, the skies opened and it poured! Looking at my painting, which I completed later in the studio, I can clearly remember the feel of that morning--the ominous sky and distant rumblings. It's a great memory....

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