Monday, November 23, 2009


I'm still at work on the Tuscan landscapes. Some have moved from very early stages to near completion. A couple are still pretty "raw" but could resolve themselves rather quickly if I just keep working. My goal is to finish the series by early next week so that I can close up my studio in anticipation of our annual move to Sydney. I'd like to have these finished rather than having them awaiting my April return.

I have been "tweeking" the four pieces that were in my last post. By simply playing with the color of the "sky" I think I've been able to make the landscapes come more alive.

Here's the painting with the sky lightened.....

compared to before.......

Here's the painting with the sky lightened.......

.....compared to before

These little changes seem to make a big difference. It's worth experimenting, even when work feels like it's about finished.

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