Monday, January 18, 2010

Back to School

Last week I had the good fortune to attend an intensive week-long course at the nearby National Art School. What can be better than an entire week to work all day long with no distractions! Assemblage and Collage seemed a perfect description for what I felt like doing and I was able to experiment to my heart's content. My main goal was to have fun, and I certainly did!

Our first day the instructor suggested we use various materials to create the image of a face. I found some cardboard in the dumpster outside our classroom, cut a few things out from old magazines and used plenty of paint and various papers. Here are the two pieces I made on Monday:

Monday evening I decided on a project for the next day. Chris helped me to collect lots of trash at our lovely local park, as well as plenty of gum leaves, pine needles and other natural goodies. I wanted to juxtaposition the two. It took most of Tuesday to attach everything with wire and tons of glue, then to seal it all with gesso and paint it all white. It's a bit funky but I think does get the message across:

Next time I post I'll get into the final 3 days, when I was really able to focus on one theme. It felt so good to make a body of work, suspend judgment, and just feel the sheer joy of creating!


  1. These are fabulous! What fun, different pieces of work. I can't wait to see the rest of your week's creations... Love, one of your biggest fans (in both appreciation level and height) xoxo

  2. I find the faces particularly intriguing.

    Thanks for posting.