Monday, January 25, 2010

Tea Time

In the middle of my art school course I happened upon a subject that really inspired, has continued to, and I imagine has plenty of potential for the future. It's all about tea.

Tea has been my preferred drink since college days and I have stored in my memories so many wonderful connections with family and friends around a cup of tea. And when I'm alone, it's been a pick-me-up, a calm-me-down, a feel-better-soon, break in my day for years. So I have a real connection to tea and all the ritual and visual aspects that surround it.

So during the last few days of my course I had a lot of fun playing with tea. Staining fabric with tea bags, using tea bag labels to create various pieces, adhering loose tea to surfaces. Messy and satisfying!

So that was the start. Since then I've explored lots of other possibilities and am continuing to take time with tea throughout the day. For now I'll share a few of the pieces that I created during my course.

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