Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Wedding Gift of Kirigami

This is a large combination-cut mandala ready to frame against any color. The outer edge is a multi-fold while the inner circle is a bifold. I can't talk about all the rich symbolism in this kirigami papercut, lest I give away whom it is for.

This cutting took me much longer than I had anticipated - about 7 hours - so it's a good thing I was listening to an audio book! It was an incredibly hot day and I had the fan on, which kept blowing the little pieces of cut paper around the room! Occasionally, the cat, who also wanted to be where it was cool, would sit on my legs and watch me cut this. I was terrified that when the paper fluttered, she might take a swipe at it and tear the delicate creation to pieces. Fortunately, for once, she was well behaved.

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