Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tea Bag

Creating the Tea Bag has been a very fun challenge. It took a while to figure out how to sew full tea bags without ripping them....then to assemble the two major parts and make the binding and handles. The buttons I had previously made for "Earl Grey's Vest" and didn't end up using were perfect for attaching the purse handles. Then I coated the entire bag with semi-gloss matt medium to both give the bag greater strength and to add some sheen to the surface.

My next project, which I am well into, is a scarf made of all different kinds of tea bags. I'm trying to create patterns within different stripes of the scarf.

Last night a new gallery called Artis Tree, which will feature local artists, had its inaugural show. I exhibited three tea bag pieces and a four piece work I completed last year called Furrows. It was a wonderful opening, with excellent and varied work, and it was so nice to know most of the artists and the crowd who showed up!


  1. Oooh, this one has a very different feel from the other teabag pieces... maybe because of the gloss? Quite beautiful. Again, I can't wait to see all these pieces in person in December so I can really appreciate the color and texture. So glad the show was a success!! Love, Liz xo!

  2. Barbara - How wonderful to see the ever changing selection of items you are making out of tea bags. I expect to see Chris wearing a tea bag tie any time now.
    Great show opening Friday night.