Monday, December 6, 2010

Milan fashion

I hadn't been shopping for dress patterns for more than 30 years. Yet it all seemed quite familiar to be browsing through pattern books at Joann Fabrics last week searching for something similar to the dress I found in the New York Times Magazine recently. The sleeveless rather 60's trapeze dress would be perfect made out of tea bags! I eventually located a McCalls pattern that would do the trick (at a surprising $15.95......whatever happened to patterns priced at $4.95?)

I've spent days sewing the folded teabags together. As with each project recently tackled, I've had to figure it out as I've been working. Today I was very happy to actually get to the point where I could cut out the front of the dress. Here's how it looks:

It may take a few more days to finish the back, put it all together and figure out the finishing details. I'm working in the house now as sewing in the chilly studio isn't very comfortable. So much for our dining room table!

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  1. Wow, $15.95 does seem a bit steep, though it looks as though it was totally worth it. Love the front of the dress! Fabulous style!