Monday, July 27, 2009

Rusty stories

Over a number of years I've been collecting odd pieces of rusty metal - old nails and screws, hinges, wire fencing material, parts of tools. I've used a few in some three dimensional work in the past, but I'm now trying to create a series of small pieces that incorporate lots of these little treasures.

I like this old stuff. Each bit of rust must tell some story, even if I can't know what it is. The shapes are often interesting and I'm challenged not only in creating a composition, but also how to adhere the pieces in a way that works from an aesthetic and practical point of view. Charles has kindly cut some wood bases for me and I love the sense of physicality in wielding a hammer.

It's invigorating to work with different materials. I'm using shellac and wood stain, sandpaper, whatever works. It might be interesting to melt some wax on the wood or metal. My studio is just brimming with all kinds of mediums and "stuff" that is begging to become what might pass as art.

Barbara Bartlett

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