Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Into the new year

The long trip, Vermont to Sydney, always gives me time to think....not always too clearly, mind you, but the brain does wander as the miles slide by. So I reflected on the work of 2010, which consisted almost entirely of tea bag creations. I am amazed that I am still loving this process and quite captivated by the beauty of the stained paper and what is possible to do with it. Here are some patterns taken from the clothing I've made.

We use my studio in Sydney for storing our personal belongings while we are gone and the house is occupied by others. So to be able to get back to work I have to clear everything motivating for getting the job done quickly! Two days of unpacking and filling the pantry and the house is in order and I am beginning again.

On the plane I thought about layering, lots of layers, almost like feathers on a bird. So the new work will begin with experimenting. Luckily I have hundreds of bags, all emptied and ready, thanks to my dear friends and family back home. Here's my studio, ready for action!

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