Monday, February 21, 2011

Continuing Work

Summer is flying by here "Down Under." March 1 marks the official beginning of autumn, although the warm days usually continue well through that month. The weather has been so hot and humid this year that I really look forward to cooler days to come. Still, I'm not sure about freezing Vermont as the alternative....I can't really complain.

Tea bagging progresses. Last week I finished the big grid piece and am pretty happy with the results:

Then I started work on a "green" bag. (I believe it was Carol who gave me the idea some time ago!) I used one that I had to make the pattern and started adhering pieces of bags to the canvas in quilt-like fashion. Here are the components, ready for final assembly:

I met up with my friend Lisa Giles last week. Lisa is a photographer, book artist, newly a printer, and very creative soul. We shared our artist experiences of the last eight months and I got to see some of her new work. I will try to post some photos.....her work is so original and beautiful realized!

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