Tuesday, February 14, 2012

More ideas

Work is slowly moving ahead with lots of good interruptions. We have a number of visitors coming and going over the next weeks, so I get a bit de-railed, but am trying to stay on course.

I've gathered some information about a great gallery space here in Paddington that would be perfect for the tea work. I have asked an artist friend, Lisa Giles, if she would be interested in doing a joint show next year. She works beautifully with paper and I think it would be great fun to combine our work.

So I have completed the weaving piece, which is about 48 x 40 inches. I think the red knots add something a bit different from previous work.

Next is working with round bags, binding them together is tea-dyed linen thread. I hope to make this really long so it will sort of snake against a wall. I'm gathering as many round bags to sublimate the supply I brought.

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