Friday, August 27, 2010

Cynthia's new Painting - phase 3 and 4

Phase 3: I've begun to give depth to the leaves and berries in the painting. (If you scroll down to last week's post you can see my beginnings.) I can see that creating distinct shades of green will be more difficult than I thought. In order to show depth, the various types of vegetation need to look distinct from one another.

Phase 4: Here I've begun to work on the flowers in the painting. First I blocked them out with about four layers of color, with only a hint of depth. Next I will give them more dimension and shading and tone down the brightness a bit. Stay tuned for that.

As you see at the bottom, I'm experimenting with layering two colors of gold on top of each other for the ribbon.

I'm going to have to work on my photography setup. What I have works fine for kirigami, which is just black and white, but paintings aren't showing up well. This painting is much more beautiful in person but glare and color distortion won't show it. I guess I will have to get better lighting and camera. (Sigh) Help! Barbara!

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