Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Paper and Metal

It's been a good work week, with the tea bag quilt slowly growing, now about 3 x 3 feet. And working with metal to create "flower" forms for the Sculpture Fest has been quite a contrast to creating with fragile paper.

I still have some logistics to figure out as I try to assemble the pieces without welding or some some complicated heavy-duty application, but hopefully it will all come together without too much difficulty. Fun to be doing something different!


  1. Mom! You never cease to amaze me. I opened up the blog, caught a first glimpse of these gorgeous metal flowers, and thought, WOW, those aren't my mom's, but whomever made them is getting a comment from me anyway, because they're so cool... then I scrolled down the page, and discover they *are* yours! How is your work so incredibly diverse and all of it so fabulous?