Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sketching on an Acrylic Background

Yesterday, while lounging blissfully in the sun on my little deck by the stream, winking sunlight overhead, birds calling, bees buzzing... I sketched a design onto one of the background canvases I've recently painted. Almost immediately, I realized that it would be too small. I am supposed to be practicing for the large 4'x5' canvas and this is a weenie 11x14" canvas. Why? Because I have the feeling my first ones won't be very successful and I'm a coward. Fortunately, I'm beginning to see this propensity for staying in my comfort zone as unproductive. I promise to to move up in size as I go along.

Technique: This sketch was done with a white charcoal pencil on the very dark surface of the acrylic. In places I wanted to erase, I took a cotton swab, dipped in water and then squeezed out, and lightly stroked it over the pencil marks.

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