Tuesday, August 24, 2010


....of tea bags have gone into the quilt. I haven't been counting the hours, but I am really happy to see the end approaching. Yes, it is still medatative but occasionally feeling a little tedious. I think I will need to sew a border (of teabags of course) around the outer edges. Here's how it looks:

This week I also took my new camera over to AVA Gallery to photograph "Tea Dreams" in place.
The gallery did a great job of hanging it in the window and it's interesting to see it with the "real world" in action behind it.


  1. These are lovely. I like the transparency and subtle shifts of tone and color. Reminds me of a cedar rood and why I love them as well. The pattern quietly vibrates and illicit a meditative response like worshipful music with a predominate drone.

  2. that was intended to read "cedar shingle roofs"