Saturday, June 6, 2009

Gallery Dreams

Cynthia Emerlye:
Now that fine weather is here and the tourists are seeping into beautiful Vermont, I've been dreaming gallery dreams again.

My thoughts drift back to a time three years ago when I went on a trip to Buzios, Brazil. I spent many days with a Brazilian artist I befriended who took me to see her famous sculptor friend and several other artisans. She wanted to open her own small gallery in that beautiful tourist town (with 23 beaches!,) so I went around with her day after day, exploring possibilities. Eventually, I became entranced by the same dream. How wonderful it would be, I imagined, to rent a small space near the beach with its door opening onto a street filled with European tourists. I could lounge all day in painting bliss and easily support myself, since everything there is sooooo inexpensive. I could even buy the building and live upstairs. Every night would be filled with music and dancing, every day with art and beach and interesting encounters with people from all over the world. Ahhhh.

Unfortunately, this vision gave way to the reality of my life. If I wanted to have a relationship with my children or grandchildren, I could not live that far away from them. I would have to come home. But I still dream similar dreams and wonder how they could come to pass.

One thing I hope to do is to open my own small home gallery. I have a spacious living room which is used rarely. Each winter during my Snowflake party I show that year's work in the LR, which I dub the "Itty Bitty Art Show." Shown here, you can see that is a somewhat hodge-podge deal at present. I have installed some track lighting but my things are not displayed well. Mostly I have simply put things in here that are not currently in other galleries or shops.

I would like to actually paint the walls, take out some of the furniture and design real display areas, and put up a gallery hanging system.

If I create a small gallery of my own, then I can have private shows twice a year or more. I could take advantage of our Vermont tourist seasons (summer and foliage) and even advertise with Twin Farms Resort, which is close by.

This gallery would be open by appointment. I think it would motivate me to keep producing salable work.
Perhaps next year I can be in the Open Studio Tour as well.

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