Monday, June 15, 2009


I've been wanting to exhibit work locally since we've relocated to Vermont, but don't have the time right now to put together a big show. There's a terrific cafe in Hanover, NH called the unusual name Umpleby's which has some nice space for displaying work. I had connected with Carolyn, the owner (an Australian), last fall, but we hadn't come up with a date for a show.

When in Hanover last week I happened to stop by and talk with her. She asked if I might be ready to exhibit starting late in July........I said "yes"! So I now have the happy task of choosing pieces and figuring out a theme. I actually have quite a bit of work ready to go and the space isn't huge, so it feels manageable.

I like the idea of hanging work in a public space that brings a lot of different people in. Having a cup of coffee or tea (and perhaps eating one of their famous Aussie meat pies) and happening on an interesting piece of art seems very appealing. I hope I can provide that experience for some Umpleby patrons!

Barbara Bartlett

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  1. Hi Barbara:
    How wonderfully timely! Congratulations! What a blessing to have something to look forward to as you move through your summer. I cna't wait to sse the peices you pick for the show.
    Well done.