Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Food for the Artist Soul

Watching the fog lift this morning was magical.....out of dense mist slowly unfolded the changing foliage right before my eyes. I may not paint it, but it's somehow entered my being.

This past weekend another kind of feeding occurred. Not only were there plenty of opportunities to eat fantastic food at the wedding festivities we attended in Washington DC, but the galleries called......and I answered.

I'm not quite sure how I managed to see three galleries in the space of 48 hours between lavish celebrations and family connecting, but it felt too good to miss. My brother Greg and I took off for the East Wing of the National Gallery as soon as we had settled in. It was my second visit to the fantastic space designed by Pei, with a huge majestic Calder mobile gently moving above, that pays homage to the truly wonderful modern work within. It was like feasting at a never ending banquet.

Saturday morning was a visit to the Phillips Collection with my mother. Again, my favorite period of work, mid-20th century, was there in abundance. I was definitely getting full!

Finally, Sunday afternoon just before heading to the airport, Chris and I stopped in the fascinating Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian. Their invitational show featured four contemporary artists whose originality and wit made me laugh and filled me with awe. (Just imagine a guy who knits body suits for superheros, then sits and knits while wearing his outfits as part of performance art!)

Home again, I am inspired, hopefully not too much slowed down by all the imbibing over the weekend. Experiencing new tastes seems to be so good for the soul!
Barbara Bartlett

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