Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pears at Woodstock Coffee and Tea

Woodstock Coffee and Tea is a great little shop in downtown Woodstock where Mary and her staff serve absolutely scrumptious coffees, teas and smoothies--to say nothing of the pastries!

This morning, with the help of Wayne, who stopped by for his daily visit and shared his expert opinion, I hung six pear watercolors for the month of September. And here they are....

These pear still lifes use space, light and composition to fashion a small world where the viewer is invited to imagine relationships, conversations, and human contexts amongst the pears. The titles, reading clockwise from the top left are: "Together", "Gossip, "Triplets", Outsider", "Follow" and "Hide".

Come by, relax over a delicious cup of whatever your choice of beverage might be and check out the paintings in person!

1 comment:

  1. Looks great! Love the titles. Wish I could see it in person. But it is vividly in my mind's eye.