Sunday, April 3, 2011

Book Art

I'm off on an early morning flight tomorrow to go to Brisbane to participate in a 2-day workshop in making pop-up books! My friend Lisa is a big influence in my new found interest. On Friday night we went to an opening of a fantastic Book Art show in Manly (across the harbor on a ferry, my favorite way to travel here) where we saw 50 beautiful, unique "books." It was amazing to see the range and the wild creativity that artists have used in their interpretations.

The teacher of this workshop is from the UK, here in Australia in various locations to share his craft. He's supposed to be an amazing teacher, which is why I'm going. It should be great fun.

Meanwhile I am still with the piles of tea bags, preparing lots of pieces for completion back in Woodstock. Only a couple of weeks left here....I hope the snow will have melted when we finally touch down.

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