Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Turquoise Duo, session 21

I am still working on this pair of 24x30" floral oil paintings I call the Turquoise Duo (the background is a grayed turq.) They are taking f o r e v e r. Fortunately, I am rounding the home stretch and I hope to finish them by the end of April.

I'm beginning to add small details now. In this session I added stamens to all the tulips. I also put stems on the spray of white berries in the upper right.

I added three leaves in the lower center because it bothered me that the stems looked so thready in that area.

Berries! I began adding some depth to the berries in the lower right and I also added some berries to the spray in the lower left. I will be putting little caps on these - just something to fill in that space a little without calling attention to it.

Now my last, biggest design issue is what to do with the central flower . It was just too unfinished looking for me. After working this out on paper, I decided to paint a fluffy but subtle center. The rest will be adding small details and refining stems, etc.

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