Monday, April 25, 2011

Coptic binding and tea bags

This past week has been full of packing, traveling, unpacking, and settling feels wonderful to be back in Woodstock even if we were greeted by snow! Spring seems to be taking its time this year.

Before I left Sydney I began work on a tea bag book, as yet untitled. I'm holding it all together with linen thread sewn in coptic stitch, which is an ancient (Egyptian, I believe) method of book binding. It's been easy to continue working on it here and it is really good to have a piece in process that helps with the transition. I believe the completed book will hang from the wall with two pegs holding it so the book can fan open and the tea bag strings can sort of dangle. I seem to have misplaced the back cover, which will soon be needed so I will have to try to make another like the front. Other than that little piece, everything I carried from Sydney has arrived in good shape.

Here's the book as I am working on it:

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