Friday, August 21, 2009

Gearing Up to Paint and Sew

Studio Update for Cynthia Emerlye:
It looks like a busy holiday season is ahead this year. I am woefully behind, however, except in kirigami inventory. I was very ill last year and fell behind in everything. Now I'm running uphill! Here's a report (mostly to organize my own thinking) on what's up for Emerlye Arts:
  • Cards: I have now completed (finally) the updates to all my card collections. This week I will be listing new ones in my online shops. Look for them in my EmerlyeArts shops on Etsy and 1000Markets. I hope to have a new catalog put together soon. Then I will go on some selling road trips.
  • Custom Work: I am finishing up sketches for a tattoo design. After that I won't be taking custom orders for a while. Too busy.
  • Coloring Pages: Moving ahead with adult coloring pages - I have enough designs now and am just pondering what paper to print on and how to package them.
  • Kirigami: Enough kirigami for now. I have a hundred in reserve and my family is tired of having them all over the place. My daughter saw me cutting one the other night and said, "Enough with the Kirigami, Mom. I'm sick of it. Do some painting FGS." I'm taking the hint.
  • Story Portraits: I want to do some bigger illustration projects. A gallery is interested in my story portraits (designs which symbolically represent a person's life) but I need more to show. These are complicated works. I need to build up a body of work. (More about story portraits later.)
  • Art to Wear: I am now gearing up to sew more hats and jackets for the holiday season. A local gallery wants to have a fashion show but my inventory is woefully low. This is a huge job, though. Once I commit to sewing wearables, I have to stick with it for a few months. There is too much set up involved to do this work sporadically. Shown here are some items I've made in the past.

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