Tuesday, August 18, 2009

In and Out

It's been an interesting week! When a backhoe took out our internet last week it meant a bit of withdrawal for me.... Actually I didn't know how dependent I was on checking email, googling, etc. But, a lot of time is freed up when the internet is no longer available--not that I can say I did anything world altering with it.... This afternoon it was restored and we are now connected to the world at large again.

I've been continuing painting outdoor with my friend, Sandy, along Locust Creek. It is a wonderful way to spend a morning, totally concentrated on the changing scene, the moving light, the altering colors and values. Summer camp for artists! There is no time to think in the ordinary sense when your mind is totally taken up with capturing what is seen in the moment. Time telescopes. It is a shock to see two hours have passed and only the aching feet remind you that it's time for a break. Definitely the power of the now moment as Eckhart Tolle would say. So here are today's results....

Last weeks plein air painting looked too much like camouflage clothing. I began with a muddy brownish color which had a negative affect on the whole. So today I underpainted in greenish blue and violet. I think the depth of the shadows and the general tone of the painting benefited.... It still needs some work but I think it is more lively and fun.

And here's the reference photo from this morning. It will be useful when I attempt to finish the painting.

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